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Chipotle Coming to Hillsborough St.

chipotle-logo[1] Fast-Mex outlet Chipotle is coming to Hillsborough St. The site will be near Jimmy John’s and Duncan Donuts, either in the free-standing building that was home to Sylvia’s Pizza or on the corner where GoPaks Bazaar was. At this point construction has not begun, but in all likelihood the store will open in the summer.

This is a major blessing for Hillsborough Street. A strip that has been dotted by junk food and forgettable local food is showing signs of life to a Denver-based company that takes site selection very seriously. Hopefully it is the sign of more good things for the area. The company is also expanding into Fayetteville, showing another positive sign about the economy.

If you haven’t had Chipotle’s carnitas on crunchy tacos, then you are really missing out. Try the trio with a different salsa on each, plus cheese and lettuce. It makes one fantastic lunch.

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  • Justin6882

    Thank YOU!!!! I have been waiting for a Chipotle to come anywhere near the vicinity of Downtown Raleigh for years, this is awesome!!

  • hackles10

    Great news…I am sure the folks behind H-Boro Street Renaissance are proud to see some results!

  • RaleighRob

    “Forgettable local food”?? Not entirely…I’d hardly call Porters or David’s Noodle Bar as “forgettable”.

  • Unique1

    They should have opened up a store in the space KK left in City Plaza

  • Lew

    Go to Chipotle at least 2 times a week … the flavor is incredible! I think it will do very well on Hillsborough.

  • Mike

    Is this still the case? Its not where Sylvia’s was (now HotBox Pizza) and there’s very little going on where GoPaks used to be (although, there is a paper flier for a Mexican restaurant going there – not Chipotel though). Is there another location for the Chipotle now?

  • Dana

    Yep, still coming. TBJ said it would be at 2316 Hillsborough St. Thanks the building with I<3NY Pizza,DD,JJ's:


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