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Red Hot Chili Peppers Coming to RBC Center

David Menconi just reported that on Friday, January 27, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will return to the RBC Center. Reports are that the Peppers were good on the last tour (in stark contrast the the incredibly awful concert at Walnut Creek in ?2000? when the Foo Fighters blew them out of the water. Whatever happed to that “Taste The Pain”, Fugazi-covering band we loved so much, anyway?).

Missing: a great rock band from 19 long, long years ago.


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  • Joel Davis Said:

    Three NC stops. A tad ambitious of them.

  • L Boyd Said:

    I would much rather see them at an outdoor venue. And I was at the Walnut Creek show in 01/02? It was good (not great, but good). I’ve seen the Peps in many different venues and locations and its always a good show. Props to them for 3 NC shows and a healthy southeast tour. I think if you wanna see them at their best these days, you gotta go overseas, unfortunately.

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