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GTD Workflow Seminar Coming to Raleigh

Getting_Things_DoneDavid Allen’s self-help book Getting Things Done has, without a doubt, been the most effective self-help book since the 7 Habits wave. Getting Things Done (GTD) is a framework for handling all of the input with which we are bombarded. Whether it’s handling voluminous email inboxes, noting gift ideas while out-and-about, or trying to imagine a clean work space, the GTD principals have helped many in recent years “get rid of stuff” and free their minds of the burdens of task management. This opens doors for people to enjoy life and discover creativity again.

My personal favorites from the GTD culture are the 43-folder tickler system and the idea of tagging ToDo items by their type and context (so that context-based lists can dynamically be recalled). These tips have greatly improved my efficiency when running errands, paying bills, and in preventing so many items from “falling through the cracks”, while reducing stress.

On Tuesday, January 29, David Allen’s Getting Things Done: Mastering Workflow Seminar is coming to the North Raleigh Hilton. (Note: I do not expect Allen himself to be in attendance). The full-day seminar is $545 before 12/29 and $595 after that. This event will likely sell out, though, so don’t let this one slip through the cracks if you are interested!

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