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Rush Coming to PNC Arena

rushOn Friday, May 3, Rush will bring their Clockwork Angels tour to Raleigh’s PNC Arena. Tickets go on sale Monday (1/28) at 10am thru Ticketmaster outlets.

I was really into Rush in the mid-80s, but over the following 15 years or so, I go interested in other kinds of music. I didn’t love the ‘94 show at the Dean Dome, so when friend invited me to see the band on their Snakes & Arrows tour at Walnut Creek I half-heartedly went. I was seriously blown away, however, and the concert probably ranks in my all-time Top 5. If you ever liked Rush, these guys are still killing it. If you are a female, chances are you still won’t get it.


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  • Greer Said:

    I saw this show in Connecticut in October and it was fantastic, and very loud. I loved that a lot of people were there with their kids (10-15 years old). In the interest of full disclosure I have been a fan for 25 years and have seen them numerous times. The first set covers a lot of 80s music that they never play (Analog Kid!) and the second set is their new stuff (complete with an 8 piece string section). And of course they finish up with the usual favorites. You never know how much longer they will be doing this, so see them while you can. Oh, and I am female…

  • Pamela Said:

    Hmm interesting. Im not a big fan of their 80s stuff and haven’t heard the new album at all. Snakes and arrows tour was great though. Another female fan here representing.

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