Cameron Bar and Grill Opening Midweek

Cameron_bar_and_grill The highly anticipated Cameron Bar and Grill is slated to open in the middle of the week. The establishment, on the south face of Cameron Village, is the latest offering from the DeMartino family. With the family’s offerings of Piccolo Mondo, Cafe Tiramisu, and North Ridge Pub, they are local culinary legends. (Anyone who got to eat at Piccolo Mondo got a real treat).

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  • say whaaa? Said:

    unfortunately, they are closing because they have been paying rent on this empty, dark hole for over a year. just kidding! hey, im a liar just like fox news!

  • Ashton Said:

    I just chatted with the guys over at the bar and they told me they were waiting on their liquor license and it would likely be Monday or Tuesday.

  • Jenna Said:

    Has anyone tried it yet? I meant to go by this weekend, but it never happened.

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