Kiplinger Ranks Raleigh #2

Kiplinger’s July issue contains a feature ranking the best places to live, work, and play, according to the Martin Prosperity Institute. Raleigh finished #2 just behind Houston in the study. New downtown projects scored big with the magazine, as well as the low cost of living, high proportion of workers with college degrees, and strong economic growth. There is also a 3 minute video featuring Raleigh and Cary accompanying the story.


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  • Dana Said:

    There is an interesting Houston trip report at:
    The irony of Houston is that since 1950 it has added more than twice as many people than the entire state of Oregon, despite its reputation as a planning and traffic-snarled wasteland.

  • Bill Said:

    Just what we need; another reason for more Yankees to move down here! When I got here (1994), I thought I closed the border behind me. I guess the latch didn’t catch 😉

  • jbgraves Said:

    They ranked Raleigh number 2 but gave props to Cary in the video. What’s up with that?

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