BB&T Preparing to Grow At North Hills

BBandT_NH BB&T’s two-story office building at the corner of Six Forks and Rowan has stood proudly since E.N. Richards developed North Hills Shopping Center. the tan brick building is an optical illusion, really, as it is so perfectly proportioned, it appears to be much larger than it is. It’s not a beautiful building, but is of the pre-ADA vintage that made it easy to add a second floor of offices above service areas. (See the old Cherokee Brick building on 440 between Hillsborough and Western for another example.

Enjoy it while you can because TBJ is reporting today that BB&T is making plans to demolish the building and their neighboring bank building (leased to Bank of America thru March) and replace it with one sizable building. The article uses the term “tower”, however that is probably overstating what will eventually be built on the property.

While the 2-acre site is near the ever-evolving North Hills complex, it is totally unaffiliated with Kane Realty Corp.

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