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UNC, NCSU, and ACC Basketball Schedules for your PDA

ram_tarheels.gif strutwolf.gif Local basketball fans who like electronic calendars rejoice! I’ve uploaded the 2008-2009 UNC, NCSU, and complete ACC basketball schedules in .CSV, .ICS, and Google Calendar formats.

Outlook/Palm Users

  • Create a new folder in your in Outlook calendar (Bball08, for example). Use the File | Import and Export… to import from “another program or file”, then “Comma Separated File (Windows)”. This will set up the schedule in your new sub-calendar where you can make whatever changes you want.
  • iPhone Users – You are done. Now you can view the basketball schedules as their own sub-calender or as a part of all calendars.
  • When you are happy with the way the subcalendar looks, change the calendar view to “Events” (instead of 7-day or 31-Day or whatever view you’re using). “Select All” from the list, and drag them over to your main “Calendar” (The Treo and other Palm Handhelds only sync to the main calendar – time for Palm to get with the program on that one!). If you want to keep your sub-calendar intact, use Ctrl-drag instead of plain drag. That will create a copy of each event to the main Calendar and keep the Bball08 calendar in place. Sync your handheld to copy the events to the handheld.
  • CSV Files. (right click on the link and “Save As…”)

iCal Users

There are two options:

  • Use iCalTextImport to import the .CSV version (linked above) of the schedule.
  • Download the .ics files and import them into iCal.

Google Calendar Users

Consult the public calendars at the following locations:


Calendars are apt to change, so check back occasionally for updates. To determine the version of your schedule, open the note associated with any event, and look for the version number. If your calendar is older than those listed above, simply delete the events in Outlook in your old one and import the events of the newer file. Google Calendar is dynamically up-to-date.

Use at your own risk. I do not accept responsibility for any consequences resulting from errors in the schedule.

  • Mark

    THANK YOU! This saved a lot of data entry into my calendar. And so quickly after the schedule release. Way to go! Tar Heels will cut the nets down in Detroit.

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  • http://ncsulilwolf.blogspot.com Lisa Jeffries

    You rock, as always!

  • mrgripe

    thanks for the great timesaver. would be even better if you could make the ical version a free subscription feed

  • http://www.danamccall.com Dana

    I have absolutely NO experience with iCal, so I only THINK I know what you’re talking about. If I understand it correctly, though, you can subscribe to the Google Calendar iCal feed using iCal. It will be a read-only calendar, however. From a discussion group, I saw this post:

    “In iCal, go to the Calendar menu, and select “Subscribe…” and paste the URL in the dialog box. The calendar will load on the left. Click on it and make any adjustments on the right (like how often you want iCal to check Google for calendar updates). ”

    Here is the iCal public feed address for the UNC schedule, for example.

    Each of the post’s .ICS links SHOULD be subscribable in iCal. Please let me know if your are getting errors or having problems, though.

  • Ari

    Dana, iCal is Apple Inc.’s calendar program for it’s Mac OS X operating system. It’s a lot like Microsoft Outlook, except there are no email capabilities, as that is covered in Apple’s Mail application, but that’s a whole different story. Anyway, I am getting ready to hunker down for Hanna tonight, I’m stocking up on food. I’m gonna pull an all nighter on Friday, as Ernesto REALLY scared me. L8rs.

  • Adam

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  • Lincoln


  • Eric

    no duke schedule??

  • http://www.danamccall.com Dana

    That’s right.

  • http://annemoss.com annemoss

    Awesome. Thanks.

  • Rachel Lillis


  • Amy Maurice-Amra

    Thanks so much Dana!

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