Sitti Now Open

sitti The wait is finally over. Sitti (pronounced SIT-tee), the newest creation by the Saleh family (of Neomonde fame), is now open to the public. Their lunch and dinner menus (pdf) are available at their website.

12/14/08 Note: It has been brought to my attention that Empire Properties is a partner in this restaurant, not just a landlord. Great to see them investing in another good downtown project!

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  • GD Said:

    This place is GOOOD!

  • Ron T Said:

    Thanks GD! I cannot wait to try it. The folks at Neo Monde do a great job. Incidentially, two of the owners I have met – one is usually at each of their older locations -are great guys, friendly, upbeat and continually evidence incredible customer service. This is a great new addition. I hope something exciting opens up at Riviera soon, it will keep that block’s energy growing.

  • GD Said:

    If I may suggest something, it would be the basterma – its an appetizer that I really liked along with the cheese rolls. The cheese rolls were great…The chicken kabobs were fantastic along with the kefta kabobs. The salmon dish is awesome as well. The rice they serve with the meal is great too. Hell, everything I had was top of the line I must say.

    I cannot wait for the Afghani Kabob place to open up now!

  • Messocollards Said:

    We went last night and it was fantastic. Heartily recommend it to all.

    The atmosphere is upscale, but not stuffy. Its very relaxed and laid back and comfortable. We really liked that you could go for a meal, or get a few appetizers. And any place that has PBR on draft is ok in my book. Oh, and the pita bread that comes straight out of the oven is to die for.

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