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Raleigh’s Pleasant Post Office Experiences

We all dread the trip to the post office. It is likely one will stand in line, watching surly, unmotivated government workers dragging through their day only to discover there is something wrong with the way you’ve labeled or stamped something, and you have to do it all over again. Help is here! It’s a slow period in Raleigh right now, but that simply gives us time to share some tips. Today, we’re talking mail .

Best Post Office

I haven’t visited all of the branches in the entire U.S. Postal Service’s system, however I think one would look long and hard for a branch that outperforms the one at Avent Ferry Road and Gorman Street. While the facility itself is worn and outdated, the place is otherwise a first class operation. Tony, Romeo, and the occasional third attendant are so pleasantly helpful that even Nordstrom could learn a few things from this crew. Not only are they accommodating, they are fast. The line in this branch sometimes trails out the door into the foyer, but don’t worry. It moves quickly (so long as the customers ahead in the line have bat brains) unlike that at the neighboring DMV office.

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If you aren’t in southwest Raleigh, but can get to the Crabtree branch, it offers a decent secondary postal experience. However access and parking are a problem if Crabtree stores weren’t already in the day’s plans.

Horrible Post Office

There are many bad post offices, but only two come to mind immediately. They are the Creekside location (27609, adjacent to the “super”Kroger at Six Forks and Wake Forest Roads), and the Cameron Village location (27605, across from Harris Teeter). I sometimes think that driving my letters and packages to the recipients, in person, would be more pleasant than dealing with these hideous prehistoric creatures.

In a Pinch?

Sometimes you find yourself in a pinch and need to find the area’s latest mail pickup spot. That can be found at the USPS’ Triangle distribution center, near RDU Airport. Their last mail collection is at 8pm nightly, but only via the mail slots inside the lobby (the drive up boxes offer no advantage). Be careful, though. This office is in a remote location and while there usually are 2-3 other customers around, this seems like a prime place for evildoers to do that evil thing they do.

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  • Chris

    The state university branch of the post office offers a much less busy alternative to the Cameron Village post office. Take Clark Ave., turn on Horne st. towards Hillsborough St. There is usually street parking available (15-30 minute meters).

    I find it is the customers and the parking, not the staff, that make the CV post office unpleasant. The CV post office should really be relocated to occupy part of the Rite-Aid space (that store has more room than they know what to do with, and plenty of parking). The facilities on Oberlin Rd. are truly inadequate.

  • JeffS

    So what makes a postoffice outdated? It’s just a building right?

  • https://www.danamccall.com Dana

    Peeling paint, worn laminate countertops, the use of Menopause Green paint, dirty, sagging ceiling tiles, dim incandescent lighting. The place is a dump, but it works great.

    Good points, Chris!

  • Justin

    I must say the worst post office around here that I’ve been to is by far the one on Sunnybrook behind WakeMed…it’s always packed and the employees always seem beyond miserable.

  • Beth

    Agreed, the PO on Avent Ferry is super friendly and helpful. The location on Beryl Street near Hillsborough is also a freindly and helpful location and usually isn’t busy.

    IMO, Crabtree is the worst. They are mean, mean, mean

  • Kevin

    If you’re heading between RTP/Durham and Raleigh, I’ve always had great success getting things done at the Westgate post office. I think it’s their hub for the airport.

    Mailed a few things on occasion, and even had my passport updated in about 5 minutes.

  • https://triangletrysts.com Suzanne

    Wow – I sooo agree with you about the Creekside location. Major crabiness going on over there. I hate going, but it’s the most convenient one for me. Interesting post.

  • RaleighRob

    Interesting post. What are you thoughts on the two downtown offices (Fayetteville Street and New Bern) or the Five Points station? I like the Five Points station in that it kinda reminds me of an old-time neighborhood post office. That place probably hasn’t changed much at all since it was built in the 30s. (Same for the NCSU station on Horne.)

    What I wonder is why there isn’t a decent South Raleigh branch. There’s like this big gap between downtown and Garner along the Saunders/Wilmington/Hammond corridors. Doesn’t need to be big…a small one like the Method station would do fine. *shrug*

    • https://www.danamccall.com Dana

      Want to talk about big gaps? How about the gap from 27609 (Six Forks/Wake Forest) all the way out to the one just inside 540 on Falls of Neuse. SE Raleigh has nothing on that. I suppose that the one Millbrook Road covers the area east of Falls of Neuse OK, but out Six Forks it is a long way to a post office.

  • Oberlin

    I have to agree about the CV office. I swear, 99% of the time I have been there to just get a few stamps from their automated machine it’s either not working or just takes my $. I don’t know why they even bother having it there.

  • Oberlin

    Sorry, CV meaning Cam Village not Crabtree Valley..

  • Kevin

    Looks like 5-points and campus post-office locations are nearly doomed.


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