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Golden Corral To Replace Glenwood Store

goldencorral Golden Corral is currently working out plans to raze and replace their store on Glenwood Avenue (across from Pleasant Valley Promenade). The Raleigh-based chain with around 500 stores nationally will replace the building with a new Golden Corral concept design they call “The Pavilion”. The concept features home-style cooking. Unlike the current open-a-can approach, though, the Pavilion concept puts a heavy emphasis on freshly-cooked, labor-intensive food. There will be “food stations, display cooking, and fresh food preparation” according to franchising.com. The restaurant has rolled out about six of these stores nationally. However if the concept is successful, the sites in Mini City and Garner are penciled in for replacement.

The location will continue to be a training site, with the company headquarters located at the base of the Glenwood Avenue hill, in the shadows of Crabtree Valley Mall.

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  • RaleighRob

    Interesting they plan to raze an existing store to do this. Weren’t they already planning a new one at the corner of Tryon and South Wilmington?

  • Jeff

    I wonder if I’ll still get a wicked case of the runs with this new concept store?

  • Dana

    Good point, Jeff. While that store is a training store for the chain, it baffles me how they could get “B” sanitation grades there (and there have been too many).

    We quit going to the Glenwood Ave restaurant and exclusively go to the one near Crossroads (behind Lowe’s). It is a franchisee store and is REALLY well run.

    Rob, I haven’t heard of the Tryon/Wilm plan. Should be interesting to keep an eye on it. That area has been mired in mucky muck for many years now.

  • gd

    As someone who worked for Golden Corral in high school, i’ll let it be known. Very few people who worked there actually ate the food. I’d advise not eating it as well.

  • RonT

    dg, never been to one, from what I hear and you just confirmed, no need to start now.

  • Tom Woolf

    I’ve found that the one on Glenwood was the best in the area. Any problems were cleared up pretty quickly as the problems would be noticed by Corporate Management when they’d go down the road for lunch.

    I eat there way too much, and do not have Jeff’s problem. (I confess – I cannot say that about GCs I’ve eaten at outside of this area.) I’m looking forward to their reopening.

  • donelle

    anytime humans pigout and eat more than usual you could be prone to digestive upset ie:runs!

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