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Annuals Need Their $%^& Back!

Hey, wimp out there who stole instruments from Annuals, GIVE THEM BACK. According to a story on WRAL, some ASSHOLE took about $6000 worth of equipment from the band last night, but the band will still be able to perform at First Night tomorrow night with borrowed equipment.

There is a place in Hell for people who steal, you know. I was in a band and we rehearsed in a quiet, medical office building one Saturday. We returned Sunday to find the drummer’s kit gone. Very infuriating.

I’d like to insult the wuss’ musical ability, but to be honest, they may be good musicians. Speaking of that, I wonder if The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne ever returned that drum set he “allegedly” stole from, of all things, a church!

A person who steals is a sorry person, indeed. Shame! Go out and earn it like the rest of us do.

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