The Chemistry Lab Coming to Warehouse District

The warehouse space to the left of The Pit is slated to be a new bar called The Chemistry Lab. They have a website setup as well as a MySpace page, and it appears that the bar will sport a giant dance floor and non-descript, thumping music. They have been seeking a staff, but the only problem is, they still haven’t cleared a Site Plan for the building’s renovation.

Today that Site Plan (.pdf) hit the web. It mainly details egress, ingress, and streetscape improvements. There was previous word that the business would be serving lunch during the day, and the site plan does include outdoor cafe tables in the ally adjacent to The Pit. However, the site plan and website make no mention of food delivery, and the club appears to be a membership club, which usually ties in with a non-food business.

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  • Matt K. Said:

    I would loosely guess that by being a private club, they hope to appeal to the smoking crowd looking for a place to hang out without the hassle of having to remove themselves outdoors (especially on a brisk 25 degree evening).

    I can’t remember what was in this space before – anyone know?

  • Subway Scoundrel Said:

    Not sure what it was but when I use to drive by, it had a lot of old signs. Big signs like old gas station and oil signs. It might have been a garage and some persons’ private sign collection. Although most of these clubs don’t start up until late, I wonder how the Pit and Humble Pie feel about Thump music so close. To be honest, Mosquitos is very close but not as close as this place.

  • Lee Said:

    Being a private club does not get around the smoking law. The private clubs mentioned in the ordinance are things like Country clubs.

    When you see a bar listed as a private club it has everythign to do with alchohol laws. A regular bar must derive a certain percentage of revenue from food sales and this is enforced by submitting receipts.

    A dance club like this does not usually serve much if any food, so under NC law they are a private club and that requires a membership, which can be free IIRC, but you have to wait at least a day after joining to actually go, if everyone follows the law.

    It is all part of our nanny state liquor laws.

  • Lee Said:

    Oh, I just checked their website and on their Membership page, it even explains that the Cafe and lounge do not require membership, but the other part does, according to ABC law.

  • Dana Said:

    Good points about smoking law, though a judge is going to have to decide the difference between a private country club and a private dance club. On paper there is no distinction between the two, so I could certainly see “private” clubs all being able to allow smoking indoors if [insert name] Country Club can in their 19th Hole.

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