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NHL Set to Announce All-Star Game in Raleigh

nhl_puck At 12:30pm tomorrow the NHL is set to announce their selection for the 2011 All-Star Game, and all reports show that Raleigh will be the big winner. Stay tuned!

  • Lefty Himself

    Supposed to be announced to all the guests at tonight’s game as well!

  • Lee

    In all honesty, I wish it would be one of the later games, 2012 or 2013. I just can;t see anything more being done in teh RBC area by 2011 and it just does not show well or have anything around it still. I feel like it may hurt us long term.

  • Chad

    Lee, you’re exactly right….

  • Lew

    What’s wrong with that area … visitors just simply have to walk across a massive parking lot, thru a grove of pine trees and across a four lane road to get to a mediocre restaurant and Wendy’s. Fans are gonna LOVE it! What more can you ask for?