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fashionSPARK Calls For Talent

fashionSPARK10 fashionSPARK is the largest annual fashion show in The Triangle. Last year alone, the event drew a crowd of over 1,500 spectators. fashionSPARK is an affiliate of SPARKcon, a Triangle-wide celebration of creativity in the Arts, Business, Technology and Culture. All applicants for fashionSPARK 2010 must be based in/operate their business out of The Triangle. Exceptions might be granted on an individual basis for designers who are natives of The Triangle, or who have ties to universities in The Triangle area. Please specify your personal ties to The Triangle, if needed, on your application.

In an effort to create a more eco-conscious SPARKcon, fashionSPARK has teamed up with greenSPARK to analyze how to showcase sustainability within fashion. Therefore, in addition to traditional fashion design applicants, fashionSPARK 2010 is also encouraging “green” designers to apply. In order to qualify as a “green”, designers must use recycled, re-used, re-purposed, or sustainable materials to fabricate your garments.

Although this is a continuing discussion and there will be many elements involved in the ‘greening’, fashion designers have an incredible opportunity to showcase creativity by including green in creations.

Due to the fact that they receive such a high volume of designer applications, fashionSPARK is not able to offer acceptance to all designers. Designers will be accepted through a juried process. Designers who have participated in the past must reapply, and will not be guaranteed acceptance into this year’s fashionSPARK, based solely on past participation.  All applications & payments must be complete, 100% accurate, & post-marked on or before June 05, 2010 in order to be considered for this year’s fashionSPARK. There will be absolutely no exceptions in regards to this year’s deadline. Designers will be notified of their acceptance between June 10-15, 2010.

fashionSPARK thanks everyone for their interest in fashionSPARK 2010. The enthusiasm is contagious, and they hope to see fashionSPARK continue to grow.

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