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Fosters Celebrates 15 Years With Block Party

indecision Fifteen years ago Clarence Fosters opened and was a key player in the rebirth of Cameron Village. This was an important event in getting people’s attention focused back on older parts of Raleigh. Some of the ownership has changed, but still today, Fosters stands proud at the base of the Taj MaTeeter.

Beginning at 5pm today they will have two outdoor bands to celebrate this occasion , Indecision and Soul Posse. Admission is free until 8pm, and appetizers are just $5.

  • Rob

    Sorry to burst your bubble. The “Taj MaTeeter” is actually located in Charlotte and is Harris Teeter’s flagship store, located in the Morrocroft Village shopping center off Sharon Rd. The Cameron Village Harris Teeter is just another Harris Teeter, nothing “Taj” about it. Although, it is probably the best Harris Teeter in Raleigh, minus the Parking Lot.