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Getting My Resume In Order

Every few years or so there is an area coaching change that gets me excited. I like dentistry, but seriously, if I could make over a million dollars coaching an area college basketball team to the NIT every year, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Given the way that N.C. State is playing, I just may get my chance.

Unless Debbie Yow is interested in make a bold statement to assert her power, we are still a couple of months away from slamming the servers at flightaware.com . In the meantime, the most likely chance of success is to hire a not-old coach with a clean record and experience head coaching a smaller school to success. Here are the names of 12 coaches to think about as the season progresses:

  • Randy Bennett (St. Marys-Cal)
  • Mark Turgeon (Texas A&M)
  • Gregg Marshall (Wichita St)
  • Cuonzo Martin (Missouri St)
  • Mark Fox (Georgia)
  • Ken Bone (Wash. St)
  • Fred Hoiberg (Iowa St)
  • Blaine Taylor (ODU)
  • Tad Boyle (Colorado)
  • Chris Mooney (Richmond)
  • Ron Everhart (Duquense)
  • Chris Mack (Xavier)

Yes, I am digging the grave for the team in West Raleigh. Given that they can only lose 4 more ACC games in order to make the tournament, and still have UNC and Duke twice, among others, remaining on their schedule, the chances of Lowe surviving this season with his talented team are slim to none.

  • David

    Wow, kind of an underwhelming list for fans looking to finally make a big “splash” on a coach. I’m not really a State fan, however I am looking forward to the team being competitive again; the sooner the better.

  • Unique1

    Bring back Sendek! then maybe we can get back to the big dance!

  • Dana

    If Sendek were so great, don’t you think he’d be able to draw more than 6,699 people to his games? (in a 14,000 seat arena in the 5th largest city in America)

    David, I think the only big splash name worth asking is the 56yo Rick Barnes. Perhaps the situation has changed and he’d be interested in returning to NC for his last years of work (a la Roy Williams). Otherwise I would go for someone who is not quite so well known. I really don’t think the Jamie Dixons of the world would leave where they are for this job, but there are plenty of good, younger coaches who would take it.

  • Unique1

    Never said he was great. However he did manage to get us to the NCAA tournament something that our present coach has not or will not accomplish.

    He doesn’t draw a crowd because his style of basketball is boring, but he gets results.

    Wolf Pack basketball hasn’t been relevant since 1983.

  • Dana

    Herb Sendek = Javier Gonzalez. IOW, do you really think that there are hidden talents not seen with Javier Gonzalez’s game?

    The 1989 team got screwed in the Sweet 16 by the worst call in the history of the NCAA tournament. The 1991 team had the best backcourt in the nation, however just had a coach who couldn’t clearly convey a thought. While those teams weren’t Top 10 kind of teams, neither was 1983. I’d say that relevance ended in 1991. Things went south when the decision was made to convert Ishua Benjamin to a “defensive specialist”. ugh.

  • Unique1

    “Things went south when the decision was made to convert Ishua Benjamin to a “defensive specialist””

    I give!. There is no come back from the above statement! lol

  • Dana

    Haha. I see Ishua fairly often around Raleigh and it makes me sad. At least he IS a really good guy.

  • Unique1

    Well I was hoping we could pull off a surprise tonight. We have some very talented freshmen.

  • Lee

    What is old Ishua doing these days?

  • Dana

    I know that he is coaching a little league team and running ?a basketball clinic?, and I think coaching at a private school??

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