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Pigs and Politicians

bbq An AP story by Tom Breen detailing the N.C. Barbecue argument was released yesterday, and shows up today at Forbes.com . It is a tongue and cheek response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s proclamations of barbecue as one of Charlotte’s assets earlier this week when the Queen City was named as the next Democratic Convention site. The article has a classic quote about Charlotte in the 4th paragraph that is worthy of a good chuckle.

While it is a good-natured overview of the barbecue argument in North Carolina, the article also carefully explains that the art of wood-cooked barbecue, such as that at Wilbur’s, seems to be a dying art. Those who good steaks on charcoal instead of propane can relate to this “problem” all too well.

They say that one of Charlotte’s assets is that it is an hour from Shelby, alluding to the prominence of excellent small-town outlets in the state, and the Raleigh area is no different. We have some good barbecue in Raleigh, but the best Eastern N.C. products are found in stores about an hour east of here.

I’ll risk all of my life-long Raleigh street cred to name my favorite, so here goes: The Blue Mist (Asheboro). I know, I know, it is a different style, but ohmygosh! I’ve only eaten there a few times, it was always to go, and I only had a pulled pork sandwich with slaw, but those times were fantastic and had me tempted to do a U-turn and go back for more.


Getting Chubbier?

Last week the Second City Grill in Lake Boone Shopping Center mercifully closed, offering prime restaurant space in a thriving area of Raleigh. The paperwork is not final, but word is that Chubby’s is very interested in moving into the larger space. If the owners are worried about this move, don’t be. We have actually opted out of eating at Chubby’s several times due to the line out the door. I’m sure I am not alone.


Emo Philips Coming to the Cat’s Cradle

Emo Philips, one of the legendary bizarro stand-up comics, will be coming to Carrboro’s Cat’s Cradle on Friday, February 18. Tickets are $14.

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