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Here Comes Hopscotch

hopscotch Last year’s inaugural Hopscotch Music Festival was a booming success, showcasing some of the nation’s best up-and-coming indie artists during a three-day stretch across downtown Raleigh. The excitement continued to grow during the Winter as Hopscotch organizers planned their sophomore event (September 8, 9, 10). Last night the official lineup was announced , and it appears the gang is picking up right where they left off last year.

The Flaming Lips and Guided By Voices will carry headlining shows, however other great bands such as Drive-By-Truckers, Superchunk, The Dodos, Japandroids, J Mascis, John Vanderclice, Bandway, and many, many, many more!

Some fantastic ticket packages are now available (all show pass tiers will sell out, so don’t delay).

  • VIP – 3-day pass includes admission to all club shows, both headlining nights at City Plaza, exclusive VIP entrance to the shows, and admission to the VIP opening night reception. $155
  • All-Show – 3-day pass includes admission to all club and headlining shows. $105
  • All-Club – 3-day pass includes admission to all club shows. $65
  • City Plaza Friday – includes admission only to the City Plaza Friday show (Guided By Voices, Drive-By Truckers, The Dodos). $32
  • City Plaza Saturday – includes admission only to the City Plaza Saturday show (The Flaming Lips, Superchunk, The Light Pines). $34

There will be smartphone apps for the event, and gogoraleigh will, as always, create a special Google Calendar for the events including set times, locations, links to maps of the location, and links to the artists websites.

Here is the full lineup of bands:

  • MikeB

    Meh. Thought last year’s lineup was better. Seems like a lot of the rumored artists didn’t make the cut. Oh well, doubt I’d see many with a kid now anyways.

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