Blue Highways, WTVD Changes and More Coming to TWC

coaxTomorrow (June 16) Time Warner Cable will add Blue Highways to its lineup. The network features “grassroots television for regular folk” and brings shows such as Woodsongs, America’s Backroads, Cookin’ Outdoors, and Mule Training.

Changes will also come to WTVD’s family QAM assignment. In order to get WTVD, WTVD HD, WTVD Live Well HD D2, and WTVD Accuweather D3 on a device other than a cable box, one will need to rescan the channels in order to receive these channels.

On Monday, June 20, TWC is adding Tennis Channel HD (1542), Gol TV HD (1819), Sportsman Channel (516). Tennis Channel HD and Sportsman Channel will be available as part of Sports Pass.  Gol TV Channel 819 along with Gol TV HD will be available as part of Sports Pass, Nuestra Tele, and El Paquetazo.

Don’t forget gogoraleigh’s alphabetical channel guide (.PDF) and Google Spreadsheet displaying the channel lineups and packages.


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  • OTB & lovin' it! Said:

    WOW! Mule Training! Got to DVR that!

  • Kevin Said:

    Bummer for those who might have been picking up clear QAM stations with only roadrunner, the new WTVD frequency is in a range that will likely be caught by their curbside filters.

  • Willelliott4 Said:

    Has anyone figured out how to get WTVD back via QAM? I’m using Time Warner for Internet access. I’ve rescanned but nothing comes up.

  • Anonymous Said:

    Have you tried forcing it to tune on 99-1, -2, -3? According to the discussion on the AVS forums that’s where WTVD has been moved. However TWC’s page is showing 78.1 as the location. Silicondust shows both 99.1 and 78.1 as the location:


    I hope this helps. I would try asking in that avsforum thread if this doesn’t help. Hope you get it to work!

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