Weinbergs Bringing Deli Back to North Ridge

weinbergBack in the 80’s or so, Horowitz Deli was a great find in North Raleigh’s North Ridge Shopping Center. It was good enough that even the transplants liked it. If you miss Horowitz’s then you are in luck. Brothers Rick and Gary Weinberg are teaming to resurrect the concept the fall with Weinberg’s The Delicatessen. Rick was the original manager of the North Ridge Horwitz’s location (the other location was at MacGregor Village) and Neil Horwitz will be a consultant for the project. Construction on the space begins this week.

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  • TrianglEnthusiast Said:

    In the words of Mr. Burns… ‘eeeeexxcccelllent’ Maybe it will generate enough success to bring something like that to Durham or downtown Raleigh.

  • Brittany Said:

    What is this taking the place of? Storefront looks familiar but I can’t tell.

  • Anonymous Said:

    It’s where the Indian restaurant was. We bought a coupon on at restaurants.com for the Indian restaurant and inadvertantly showed up on a Friday night expecting to use it. We were greeted with no fewer than two signs at the door that said “NO COUPONS ON FRI/SAT”, but there was ONE table with customers, so we figured we’d ask. Of course, in Soup Nazi style, the guy waved us off and said, “NO COUPONS”. We went back on a Tuesday the next month and we ordered our food with “one order of naan”. He said, “NO. YOU EACH NEED NAAN”. Uh, OK. Maybe they serve smaller naan than places like Royal India? Nope. We were inundated with naan. It was really pretty funny, but I can’t say I’m surprised the Indian restaurant didn’t make it.

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