Sun Sets on Miami

After 10 seasons the run is over for CSI: Miami. On Sunday CBS announced that the show would not be renewed. So, it is the end of an era for Emily Procter. The Raleigh native who made her first prime time splash on The West Wing, parlayed her success into the top female role on one of the most popular TV series in the last decade. 

What’s next for Procter? Probably a lot of time with her 1-year old daughter. Apparently the news of the show’s cancellation wasn’t known to the cast before it was made public. So, many phone calls will likely take place with her manager over the next few weeks. Procter took to Twitter for this message to the fans:

To have driven recklessly in high heels and tight pants for 10 years has been more fun than I can say. To know that y’all have had fun with me makes me so happy. There are many things and many people that I will miss with this change but I know there is also beauty in the Impermanence of things. I want to send a big squeeze to all of you: full of love, appreciation and thanks.

Incidentally, the last time I talked to Emily I asked her how much of the show is actually filmed in Miami. Incredulous, she replied, “None.” Of course the scene bumps are filmed in Miami, but every scene with the talent is all Hollywood. It’s actually still surprising, however, because there are many scenes shot in marinas, in front of Miami -looking highrises, and the like that are on completely flat ground with nearly Floridian vegetation.

However if there is one thing that will stick with people about this show, it is the corny Carusso one liners:

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