FirstWatch Coming to Glenwood Avenue

firstwatchcafeIn a few months the state’s first location for FirstWatch will open in the former Boston Market location on Glenwood Avenue. The 126-store chain features a fresh selection of breakfast and lunch options including omelets, “Power Bowls”, waffles, eggs, soups, sandwiches.

The “daytime café’s” branding is upscale, somewhat along the lines of Panera Bread and Corner Bakery, so don’t confuse this place with Waffle House. The restaurants’ hours are 7am – 2:30pm, so the help wanted pitch is “No night hours, ever!” The store space is currently gutted so it looks like a project that will likely open late in the Fall, perhaps.


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  • Bo Bromhal Said:

    Is inbound Glenwood Avenue in that area a hotspot for the morning commute? I’ve always had the feeling that folks commuted outbound Glenwood to the park, or they were coming down Creedmoor/Lead Mine to Glenwood to downtown. Thoughts?

  • Dana Said:

    Bo, it’s a good question. That area is strangely unstable since Brier Creek opened. I said on Twitter that Steak & Shake’s decision to go in the Printer’s Alley parking lot on Duraleigh is strange given all of the opportunities to have frontage on Glenwood Avenue.

    It would be interesting to see some traffic studies about how many people turn off onto Lynn coming back from RTP in the afternoon commute.

  • Bill Said:


    According to Consumer Reports, FirstWatch is one of the better fast casual restaurants. They put out a good product. They should be a nice addition to the breakfast scene.

    I really hope they make it here in spite of there less than optimum location.

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