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Wake County Public School System 2016-2017

CSV File Google
Traditional CSV2017 google_calendar_fluid
Yr round – Track 1 CSV2017 google_calendar_fluid
Yr round – Track 2 CSV2017 google_calendar_fluid
Yr round – Track 3 CSV2017 google_calendar_fluid
Yr round – Track 4 CSV2017 google_calendar_fluid
Modified Calendar CSV2017 google_calendar_fluid


Outlook Users CSV

  • Download the appropriate CSV file from the table above.
  • Create a new folder in your in Outlook calendar (Bball17, for example). Use the File | Import and Export… to import from “another program or file”, then “Comma Separated File (Windows)”. This will set up the schedule in your new sub-calendar where you can make whatever changes you want.
  • iPhone Users – After completing the Outlook Calendar import step, sync your phone to Outlook. Now you can view the schedule on its own or included with all calendars.
  • When you are happy with the way the subcalendar looks, change the calendar view to “Events” (instead of 7-day or 31-Day or whatever view you’re using). “Select All” from the list, and drag them over to your main “Calendar” (The Treo and other Palm Handhelds only sync to the main calendar – time for Palm to get with the program on that one!). If you want to keep your sub-calendar intact, use Ctrl-drag instead of plain drag. That will create a copy of each event to the main Calendar and keep the Bball10 calendar in place. Sync your handheld to copy the events to the handheld.

iCal Users

Subscribe directly to the “ICAL” link from the table. Right-click on the link and copy the link location. Open iCal and on the Calendar menu, click Subscribe. Paste the ICAL link into the URL box and click Subscribe.

iPhone UsersCSV

There are many ways to subscribe to these calendars on the iPhone. The best way (for now) to integrate calendars on the iPhone is to link the phone to your Google Calendar account. First, get a Google account. Then, return to this gogoraleigh page and subscribe to interesting calendars by clicking on the appropriate Google Calendar links from the table. Then, connect your phone to your Google Calendar account using Step 1 here, then Step 2 here. It will take you about 10 minutes to set all of this up, but you’ll love how smoothly the calendars work.

For users who sync to Outlook and don’t use Google Calendar, refer to the Outlook Section above. The advantage of this method is that you can edit your own events. The disadvantage is that you will not get dynamic updates as, for instance, game times and TV info get changed.

One can also subscribe to the ICS links from the table. (There are different ways to do this. Ideally you are supposed to click on one of the green ICAL links and the phone automatically subscribes to the feed. I wasn’t able to get this working, though. This is the method I would like to suggest, as offering a dead-simple “Subscribe” button on this page would be ideal Alternatively, you can press and hold the ICAL icon for the desired calendar, and then select Copy. Then go through the iPhone’s Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars | Add Account… | Other | Add Subscribed Calendar. Press and hold the in the “Server” box, then hit “Copy”. This will add a subscribed calendar to your iPhone. This works well with short calendars, but can bog down the phone for giant calendars with hundreds of events.

Google Calendar/Android Users google_calendar_fluid

Add the calendars to your set of Google Calendars by clicking on the event’s Google Calendar icon from the table, then clicking calendar_plus_en icon in the bottom right corner. For Android phone users, view your calendar, click the hard Info button, More, My Calendars. Then select your new calendar. (If the calendar does not appear, try Info | More | Info | Add Calendars.)


Calendars are apt to change, so check back occasionally for updates. To determine the version of your schedule, open the note associated with any event, and look for the version number. If your calendar is older than those listed above, simply delete the events in Outlook in your old one and import the events of the newer file. Google Calendar is dynamically up-to-date.

Use at your own risk. I do not accept responsibility for any consequences resulting from errors in the schedule.



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  • Chip Said:

    Times seem quirky – tonight’s game vs. MSU shows 2:15am

  • Dana Said:

    Please let me know which method you are using. It appears that all of the .csv files (ACC Basketball and UNC) show 9:15pm as do the Google Calendars links.
    There have been 2 errors this basketball season, and I’ll be happy to update the files as soon as errors are detected.

  • Robin Said:

    When will the 2009 ACC football schedule be available? I am interested in the Tarheel schedule as I have season tickets. Thank you! This tool is SO great.

  • Dana Said:

    I’ll have those football calendars up by tomorrow night! Hang in there.

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  • elizabeth Said:

    PLEASE make an iCal file for the WCPSS – that .csv file does not work. I had my Mac/Tech guy at work try to figure out that download and file and he said it was junk. Please help iCal users have the Traditional calendar file as soon as possible :)

  • Dana Said:

    And you bought a Mac because it’s…______????? Haha. Anyway, try this link and see if you get a usable .ics file:


  • Keli Said:

    The WCPSS google calendars are great !!! I have added them to my google calendar for a nonprofit that schedules events based on WCPSS, then embedded into our website. I would like to ask that you create a separate calendar for school holidays. The way it is, I embed all four calendars and get three or four entries for each holiday.


  • aphid Said:

    Can you publish the Google Calendar URLs so I can subscribe instead of looking at the embedded version?

    I loaded the UNC Men’s basketball calendar into a Google Calendar. If you’re into that, the following links might be useful to you:




  • Dana Said:

    I’m not sure what you mean. I posted the link to Google Calendar’s embedded version so you can subscribe to this as one of your Google Calendars. Are you talking about the RSS feed URL? For which calendar? I don’t understand why you posted the iCal and Embedded links here when I have posted them already.

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  • Van Alston Said:

    Thank you for this service.

  • Charlie Said:

    worked great for adding to my other calendars list in GCal. Thanks!

  • ellie Said:

    YAY! thank you!

  • thanks Said:

    Wake County 2010-2011 year-round schedule is out now:

  • Blain Dillard Said:

    According to WCPSS site

    the April Track 4 return date is April 26, not April 20 as your calendar says.

  • Advocate Ministry Said:

    Can we have calendars for Shaw, Saint Augustine, and Wake Tech? I think folks would love to have admission dates, test dates, holidays, and summer schedules.

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  • melissa Said:

    i would love to see a calendar for the modified year round schedule!

  • Chris Said:

    Can you please upload the ECU 2010-2011 football schedule for google calendar??? Thanks!!!

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  • Tim Said:

    I love these. Thank you so much!

  • sjones6250 Said:

    I created a subcalendar but can’t get the calendar to merge to my main calendar. The instructions tell me to “change the calendar view to “Events” (instead of 7-day or 31-Day or whatever view you’re using). “Select All” from the list, and drag them over to your main “Calendar.” I am using Outlook 2010, so the layed out seems a little different. Any suggestions??

  • Dana Said:

    sjones, so sorry my instructions aren’t compatible with your Outlook. I only have 2003, so that certainly could be the issue.
    The main idea here is to view all of the events in your subcalendar as a list, select all of the events, and copy or move all of the events into your top-level calendar. Does that make sense?
    (In Outlook 2003 you select your calendar in the All Folders section, then go to View | Arrange By | Current View | Events. You could also choose Category instead of Events. also be mindful that you don’t have some filter active that prevents the display of these events (I really hate how out Outlook versions make you go so deeply to change views)

  • sjones6250 Said:

    Dana, I was able to go into view | change view | list, then drag them into the main calendar, thanks for your help. I have noticed that this 2010 version is a lot different than the 2003 version.

  • Travis Said:

    Hey Dana how did you get the ball icons to show up next to the events in Google Calendar?

  • Dana Said:

    Travis, I wish I knew what you were talking about!! Can you send me a screenshot of the ball icons? (send it to the scoopatggr address)

  • Dakuwan Said:

    Can we get the Carolina Railhawks calendar added and an announcement on the homepage for it? We almost lost professional soccer here and need to let people know when the games are coming up.

    Their schedule is here:


  • Ryteclick Said:

    Thank you for creating these!

  • Stacey Wilson Said:

    What: Midtown Plein Air Auction and Festival
    Where: the Commons at North Hills
    When: Saturday, June 11th from 9am-1pm

    Details: Come enjoy the third annual Midtown Plein Air Festival and Auction! All submitted plein air paintings will be part of a silent auction – a great opportunity to take home a piece of art from a local artist! There will be interactive crafts and activities for all ages in plein air – come enjoy a day of fun at North Hills with live music, local paintings and artists, crafts, prizes, face painting, and more!

  • Albert Said:

    Hey Dana, thanks for adding these calendars…I’ve added a few of them to my Google Calendar and they’re a huge help!

  • Sean Mooring Said:

    Dana, I love the Google calenders. Will you be updating the Carolina football game times as they are announced? The only way I’ve found to do it was to copy the event to my personal calender and enter the time. Thanks!

  • Anonymous Said:

    Yes, Sean. I update the times on Mondays when the ACC announces them (I hate how last-minute the game time determinations are). Beware, though, I haven’t updated the times since their original posting. I will get to that by the end of the week.

    Hope you are doing well! I am busy working on a forms solution for the iPad and Dentrix. I’ll keep you posted…it’s coming along well (it will be iPad friendly, then create a dentist-friendly format for Dentrix.)

  • guest Said:

    Thanks so much! What a huge time saver.

  • Guest Said:

    Thank you so much! It is so wonderful that someone took the time to do this for others!

  • Jenny Bradley Said:

    This is wonderful. Any chance you’d be willing to do the local ACC baseball schedules?

  • Anonymous Said:

    I wish I had time to do baseball schedules, but I have WAY too much going on with family and work right now to expand what I’m doing with gogoraleigh. I hope someone will do these, though!

  • Anonymous Said:

    Thanks bud.I saw these and figured you have been busy. Great to see you back in November.

  • Joe Phillips Said:

    Nice page. This type of cal list is surprising rare and much harder to put together than it looks. Thanks for putting in the time! Joe

  • 高凯 Said:


  • Christopherpgregory Said:

    Any way to add ECU football schedule? Thanks.

  • Sdawson27 Said:

    The 2012 football schedule is really for 2009
    And there is no 2012-2013 basketball schedule
    Is GORALEIGH out of business or asleep?

  • Dana Said:

    Sorry you are having problems. There are 12 football schedules available. Which one are you working with?

    The ACC has only released the conference-olny basketball game schedule so far. I will compile the basketball schedules when they complete their scheduling process. (They are over a week behind their typical release schedule)

  • ACC Bball fan Said:

    Hi, just wondering when the ACC B-ball schedules will be uploaded to the site? Thx!

  • Anonymous Said:

    I’ve been awaiting an official announcement about the non-conference schedule, but now I see they have a pdf of the complete schedule. I’ll work on this on Sunday!

  • ACC Bball fan Said:


  • Mals Said:

    Thanks so much for doing this!! I really didn’t want to enter the Public Schools calendar manually again this year – glad I found your site.

  • T Said:

    Hi, wondering when the bball schedules will be available? Thanks again for taking the time to do this!

  • dmccall Said:

    I always wait until the ACC releases the final, full season schedules. Last year, for the first time it was beginning of October. I wish that were an anomaly, as it used to be the end of July when they released it.

  • TG Said:

    Seeing if the ACC basketball schedules are available? Thanks for doing this!

  • keihin Said:


  • V. Kells Said:

    Can you please provide the 2014-2015 school calendars for year around since the new school year is about to start for year around students in July? Thanks for providing such valuable information!

  • Michelle Said:

    Can you please update all Wake County Public School System calendars for the 2014-15 school year?

  • Marilee Johnson Said:

    Could you please provide the 2015-2016 calendar? These calendars are very helpful for organizing my life! :-)

  • GDunc Said:

    Just to let you know, there are a couple of minor discrepancies with our December dates in WCPS Traditional for 2015-16. Dec 23 is a vacation. Dec 24 is a Holiday.

  • Barry Troy Said:

    Is it possible to post the 2016-2017 school year? This is just so amazingly helpful. I can’t believe the WCPSS website does not have this available.

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