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Jeffreys Appliance Center Closing

jeffreysThe list of old Raleigh businesses unable to weather this economy grows… Sadly, Jeffreys Appliance & Home Gallery is closing after 43 years of business. The store is currently running their clearance sale, so there are some deals to be had.

I’m sorry to see this store go. My family always bought appliances there, especially after Andy Pittman bought the business about 10 years ago. They presented a good selection of quality items, and appliances were their thing. You weren’t dealing with some distracted teenager who wishes he were selling car stereos, like you see at some of our remaining options.

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  • xyzzy Said:

    Had to buy a new refrigerator in December. Went to Jeffreys first but didn’t see much in inventory and, for that matter, were never approached by a sales rep after spending a few minutes walking the floor. I got the impression they were headed for closure then.

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