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Sprint Bringing LTE to Raleigh

sprint-lteToday Sprint announced the coming rollout of LTE (“4G”) service in the Raleigh and Cary area. The service which is now in 49 markets, means:

  • Faster data speeds that enable instant Web access for news updates, HD viewing and game-playing, quicker video downloads and clear video chats.
  • Better signal strength when making a call or using the Web.
  • Fewer dropped calls for peace of mind when talking to friends, family or colleagues.
  • Improved voice quality and less static or background noise when making phone calls.

Unfortuantely the announcement comes as a simple teaser, with no specific dates, and probably serves simply as a placeholder to those whose contracts expire soon. For more information as this story develops, follow Sprint’s coverage section.


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  • dt Said:

    I’ve picked up Sprint’s LTE over on Strickland Road between Falls and Six Forks a couple of times in the last month. When it works it is a massive upgrade over Sprint’s otherwise terrible 3G service.

  • Pleasenospam Said:

    I spoke with two very nice Sprint reps in Cary Towne Center Mall on Friday December 21st. They both told me that LTE is lit in very few parts Raleigh right now but will officially “go live” sometime between the end of the year and middle of January. I don’t know if this info is correct but thats what they told me. I really really hope it’s true because I’ve been waiting months since giving up my Evo 3D’s WiMax.

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