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Pre-Flight Parking Shutting Down

The folks at Pre-Flight Parking near RDU informed me last night that the site is no longer taking new parkers, and will be closing as soon as the last car is claimed. Apparently within the last week the company that owns Fast Park bought out the Pre-Flight location last week. (A couple of employees said that they offered Pre-Flight employees $2 less per hour, too).

So, it appear that there are now only three alternatives for parking at RDU:

  • RDU: $12/day – Park across the street from either terminal
  • FastPark Parking: $5.45/day – No walking, covered parking, complimentary car wash, bus delivery from your parking spot to terminal front door.
  • District Drive Park & Ride: Free – Ride TTA’s bus ($2 each way, exact change) Route 100 (.pdf). Note that this option is only convenient for late morning/early afternoon arrivals and departures. Lot is not under surveillance, but there is security-by-obscurity in a safe area.
  • @Clarksa

    Wow…that was quick. Here is part of the email they sent me on Saturday… “As a Frequent Parker member, we want you to be the first to know that Fast Park, a national off-site airport parking provider, has acquired PreFlight Airport Parking, RDU. We will continue operating the PreFlight facility as is in the near term.” I guess near term meant now…

  • orulz

    The other transit bus option is to park at the TTA transfer station on Slater Road.

    Biggest drawback is that you can’t use any of the TTA options if your are leaving or returning on a Sunday – no buses.

  • http://twitter.com/awirtanen Andrew Wirtanen

    Don’t forget about RDU Park & Ride ($6/day) http://www.rdu.com/parking/parkride.html – Personally, I still prefer Fast Park though.

  • Anonymous

    What about Park&Ride @ $6/day? Looks like lots 3 and 4 are still available.


    {Oh, and screw FP for “offering” that $2/hr pay cut… It’s not like the folks who work at parking lots like those are paid big bucks to begin with.)

  • Preflight Parking

    sweeet.. check out http://parking.preflight.us/north-carolina/rdu/airport-parking-rdu/ for more info and tips on how to get the best parking coupon.

  • mike

    fuck preflight and fuck fast park.

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