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statuevisversaCirque du Soleil’s touring company of Quidam (KWIH-dam) opened their run in Raleigh tonight, and the show is nothing short of amazing. The acrobatics, music, and production did  not disappoint and had the Raleigh crowd standing on its feet throughout the bows.

Quidam is an engaging show that features several sets of solo and small group acrobatic performances. From the classic diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) to the incredible Aerial Contortion in Silk, the show is classic Cirque. I was totally impressed with even the simplest accomplishments, such as the clown’s rolling of a hula hoop across the floor back to himself, but not before completing two complete circles.

The highlight, however, was the act called “Statue”; an incredible display of  slowly transitioning 2-person yoga poses. The amount of strength required to do something like this act is unimaginable, to be honest. It is the act that is worth the price of admission.


The production is fantastic. Quidam’s staging features 5 arcing trusses along which trapeze setups travel, allowing for some dramatic entrances for some characters. There are several tricks with the stage, too, but I won’t give that away. The backdrop, however, is a pair of small compartments for the seemingly live band. The roof of the band shells, as it turns out, is the staging area for the 5 trusses.

Quidam is staged in the PNC Arena’s “Twilight Theater” configuration, which means that only the southern 1/4 of the lower bowl is available, and the stage is essentially where the basketball court baseline would be. Third level and the other 3/4 of the arena are curtained off, making the acoustics excellent. Sightlines are outstanding in this configuration, however the best seats are in the lower rows and require a treacherous climb for some to reach the restrooms. (Consider this if you are taking older and less mobile family and friends). Tonight’s performance was surprisingly full, so hopefully more of these performance will return.

Quidam runs through Sunday with matinee and evening performances on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets start at $35.

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