Little Walter Won’t Become an Alcoholic

Today the State Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission denied Raleigh’s request for an exception to a law prohibiting alcohol-based naming rights. The new amphitheater, which ought to be named after Sir Walter Raleigh, will have to be named after something other than an alcohol product, notably Bud Light.

Apparently carrying the Bud Light name would result in scores of alcoholics in the area, so the City of Raleigh will have to make a contract with someone else, perhaps a company that serves palm-oil based fried food, radiation spewing personal electronic devices, or personal transportation devices people use in running up highway death tallies. Just so long as we don’t become like those people who live near the formerly named Molsen Center in Montreal. Now that is a bunch of worthless alcoholics if I’ve ever seen any.

  • Kevin

    I take offense to the “radiation spewing personal electronic devices”. Let’s not lose our mines like the folks in San Francisco.

  • Balph

    Um, palm oil isn’t so bad. It’s hydrogenated soybean oil that’s killing people off.

  • Subway Scoundrel

    Go to Hurley’s Bar on Cresent Street in Montreal after a Habs game and you might change your mind !! :-)

  • Henry Miller

    Personally, I agree with the ABC Commission–but only because, as beers go, Bud Lite doesn’t go very far. If they’re going to promote a beer on the side of a public facility, it ought at least to be a good beer.

  • Bob Geary

    Don’t be bitter, Dana. You didn’t want to call it the BLA(h) anyway.

    Door’s open to name it after the rapacious English plunderer of your choice.

  • http://www.raleighing.com Chris

    I will take this chance to point out (again) that the Molsen Center [sic] is not a good comparison. The original Molson brewery was located on the St. Lawrence River in Montreal. So, they are a local business with a local heritage. Bud Light has absolutely nothing to do with Raleigh (except for the masses with poor taste in beer). Let’s see if we can’t come up with something that achieves both goals: give the amphitheater a name that means something to locals, and perhaps makes a little bit of money for the city. Sure, perhaps no local business could come anywhere near the $300,000 the city would have received for the Bud Light name… but perhaps there is some lesser number that would still be useful to the city but also affordable by some of our larger local businesses.

    Ok, my two cents. Phew.

  • RaleighRob

    I wasn’t against alcohol per se, but “Bud Light Center” just sounded too trashy.

    Whoever gets the naming rights, I’d love to see a company with local facilities get in the game. Red Hat, Cree, Lulu, Burts Bees, Lenovo, Cisco, Capital Bank, SAS, Extron, etc. There’s endless possibilities.

  • burgeoningfoodie

    RBC seems to be buying up space.. Lets just let them have it.

  • http://www.danamccall.com Dana

    I was really taking issue with the silly law about alcohol advertising in this state. If Big Boss Brewery all of a sudden became one of the top 25 beer sellers in the USA, the law, and this Board, would prohibit them from getting naming rights on the amphitheater.

    Did you know that almost all of the blimps out there that are not labeled “Goodyear” are made in Elizabeth City, NORTH CAROLINA? This includes the Budweiser airship which can only return to the hangar for repairs by flying up the Pasquotank River AT NIGHT so that nobody in N.C. can see this alcohol advertisement.

    We can’t name an amphitheater after an alcohol company because it MIGHT erode our society. Yet we CAN name an amphitheater after a horrible NC-based fast-food chain that serves food with no culinary or nutritional merit. The #1 health problem with the poor in this country is obesity, not alcoholism, and this just underscores how silly the state’s alcohol advertising law is.

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