Rail Recommendation Coming for Council Today

railprop The Raleigh City Council’s Passenger Rail Task Force will present their report and recommendations at today’s City Council meeting. The group analyzed three proposed plans for High(er) Speed Rail and how it will impact residents and businesses along corridors. The three plans are online, and viewing them before today’s 1:00 meeting (televised on RTN) will ease the viewer’s understanding of the subject matter.

The three maps for downtown are the most interesting (map 1, map 2, map 3 – all pdf). The show alternative routes and possibilities for new crossing arrangements. One proposal puts the railway between Capital Blvd and Whitaker Mill Road. The other two put the railway on the Mordecai side of Capital Blvd.

The Task Force presentation falls on page 19 of the City Council’s 24-page agenda. So, while the agenda is not followed at a constant pace, and is sometime ignored, we can at least get a sense of when the presentation will be.

  • Subway Scoundrel

    The whole Jones St. area throws me off. I just don’t see how you put a brigde on Jones Street but maybe all that is new curbs and such which would look nicer. I am not sure what I like better.

    I have always thought that the tracks by 5 Pts and the Presidents’ Street area would work great for a local stop or local transit. Being that you redevelop the old baseball field/salt house/garbage truck area with shops/restaurants/etc. And redeveop the houses on the tracks to restauransts with a view of DT above the tracks in Brooklyn/Presidents St Nice view of the city. and with one stop of lcoal transit along that line, you go up steps to Presidents Streets or down to the garbage truck area from same stop. Of course, the area would be totally redeveloped.

    Just my dream of that area but not sure there is a transit stop capability if you run high speed rail down that track along Glenwood.

    So I am not sure what side of Capital Blvd works best but more room for double tracks for frieght and local transit and high speed in the future on the Logans side of Captital Blvd.

    Who knows, maybe I am reading this wrong .

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