Decemberists Coming to The Walt

decemberists On Saturday, June 11, The Decemberists will return to Raleigh. This time the show is at The Walt, in downtown Raleigh. Best Coast opens. Ticket presale is already over. Public tickets go on sale soon. Check the Decemberistsí website for more info.

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  • EasydZ Said:

    I know the Decemberists are playing at the amphitheatre downtown, but when did it become The Walt?

  • Dana Said:

    I want it to be named after Sir Walter Raleigh/Sir Walter Chevrolet until a corp. sponsor comes forward. The Walt sure is a lot more interesting that �Raleigh Amphitheater�. Can we be any more bland with our temporary amphitheater in a sea of sand-colored buildings. GRR!!

  • Aaron Said:

    I�d rather it be named the Raleigh Amphitheatre than by some boorish corporation that is going to plaster their logo on every possible space in that little block.

  • Dana Said:

    Well, OF COURSE you know that is going to happen :) (unless some company named Raleigh gets naming rights or some wealthy person buys the naming rights and calls it that haha)

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