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It’s one of the shortest words in the English language. Just two letters, but it means so much more. More than a word, it’s rather a master paradigm. Not just a goal or even a foundation, Go! is a way of living.

Two simple letters, but they pack a big punch. Whether it is enthusiasm, movement, understanding, or simply a chance for renewal on a Monopoly board, Go! is the simplest, purest articulation of energy. Go! find yourself. Go! create greatness. Go! to the store. We seek greatness and renewal with life’s only constant, change.

No one word describes the Raleigh experience better. Civic pride, change, accomplishment, and opportunity all are wrapped in that one little word.

Gogoraleigh wants to document the Go! experience. There are many ways to Go!, but maybe gogo can help you find a better way. Maybe we all can. Just keep it going.

– Dana


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  • Bill Mather Said:

    Welcome back! You were missed. Glad to see someone is letting us know what’s going on around town, outside of the N&O. There are a few local websites sending out info, but they all seem to be aimed at the younger crowd. I like the mix of articles that you post. Please stick around!

  • Richard Campbell Said:

    Hey Dana – Good to see you back online.

  • Lattegato Said:

    Congrats Dana! Really looking forward to visiting your site daily! You were missed!

  • A Said:

    SO glad to see you back!

  • Joe Turner Said:

    Dana…so great to have you and all your info back up. Joe

  • absent.canadian Said:

    Welcome back, and consider yourself blogrolled. :-)

  • Derek Said:

    Awesome! Glad you are “back on the scene” Dana.
    Site looks great!

  • Justin Said:

    Welcome back – thanks for the invite, I’ve missed your insight over this last year – has it really been a year since you left Raleighing? At any rate, good to have you back.

  • ITJD Said:

    Welcome back Dana!

  • Travis Said:

    Glad to see ya back! I used to enjoy the old site. I do have one question about the picture in the top banner. What is between BB&T and the RBC building, looks like its directly above the Sheraton?

  • Dana Said:

    That’s my guesstimation of what the Edison project will look like from the S. Saunders angle.

  • Jefferson Said:

    This really is one of the better civic-minded blogs. This is the start of what should become a great resource for anyone living in the Raleigh area, or, like me, living elsewhere yet wanting to stay on top of happenings. Best of luck!

  • Rob Said:

    Dana –

    I echo the comments of those above: I have been monitoring this site for a month or so now, and find it VERY useful, accurate, and helpful.

    Please keep up the good work.


  • Barbara Herring Said:

    Local hip hop band Inflowential will be playing on Saturday from 1 – 3PM at the Cary Barack Obama office, located at 215 E. Chatham St. coinciding with Cary Lazy Days.


    Thank you, Barbara Herring

  • Chad Said:

    No new post since 11/18, update your s…

  • Curtis Floyd Said:

    Fosters is having Happy Hour appetizers for $5 Mon -Thur. Any appetizer own their menu is $5 from 4pm-7pm. Got the original chef back.

  • FredB Said:

    Just found your website and it fills a real void. For example, I just went to the Books A Million store in N Raleigh and found it closed with Dollar Tree sign saying opening Jan 30. When I came home, I Googled “Books A Million closing” and your website was the only one in the world that had a posting about the closing. So, two thumbs up to GoGoRaleigh.com.

    What can I do to let others know about your excellent website and how easy it is to use? E.g. Facebook posting maybe.

    If you have time, check out my website https://www.proteque.com , a company my wife and I started ten years ago. Hardly anyone in Raleigh knows about it, while 10,000 physicians across the US recommend it. Any assistance you can provide for increased awareness of its many uses would be appreciated. Like your website, it fills a tremendous void that exists in the healthcare market for children, babies and adults suffering with common skin conditions. Many thanks and keep up your good work.

  • Tracey Johnson Said:

    The Handmade Market is coming up on Saturday, April, 23, at Cobblestone Hall in downtown’s City Market. It is a juried show of some of the best artist from NC and beyond. I have a press release with more information is you are interested? Thanks.

  • Lisa Ostrander Said:

    Hi Dana, what are your thoughts around collaborating with another local Raleigh blog?

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