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Cameron Village Planning Parking Decks

Raleigh’s original shopping center, Cameron Village, has seen a renaissance over the past two decades. The renovation began with the removal of several outdated parking structures from the  struggling center. A full complex facelift was then completed, and the general public has responded enthusiastically. With not only the replacement of several surrounding outdated office and retail buildings, but also the addition of many new apartments, Cameron Village finds itself one of the most sought after addresses in Raleigh by young professionals.

While the changes have made Cameron Village wildly popular, the availability of parking at the center has become a deal-breaker for some. To meet the new demand for parking, Cameron Village management has released new renderings of parking structures that will be completed by this time next year.

The first phase, pictured below, will be a one-level deck over the surface parking on Daniels Street, extending from Noodles & Co to the end of the strip where Seagrove Pottery was. The open air parking level will connect to shopping areas with carefully placed staircases. Phase Two continues the parking experience across Daniels Street and will completely wrap the block which houses Outdoor Provision Co., Village Draft House, and the ABC Store.

“We are excited to offer super convenient parking for our customers,” said Wynne Lorth, a vice president of the center. “Not only will be adding quantity of parking, the new structures will convert existing surface parking into a premium experience that is always dry and cool; especially needed on those hot summer days.”

Existing Cameron Village parking with rendering of new premium parking.

CV_Now CV_Render


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  • John Said:

    April’s Fool!

  • Steelcity36 Said:

    Will this be in coordination with the closing of Noodles & Co and the opening of a vintage record store and bar?

  • dmccall Said:

    Absolutely! There will also be a clothing store that will open now ell later.

  • John Said:

    I also heard that they were going to modernize North Hills by closing up all the streets and connecting the buildings as a mall. Kane is in final negotiations with the city to span the mall across Six Forks to provide drive-thru service at many mall stores. Sure it will slow down traffic in the corridor but Kane noted that it was a win-win. The area gets the traffic calming it wants in the neighborhood and people will no longer have to fight for parking in front of their favorite stores: they’ll just be able to sit in their cars and shop.

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