16 Podcasts To Save You from Sports Radio

If you’ve turned on the radio to listen to local sports talk, you know how frustrating it can be to hear hosts’ inability to stay focused, rude behavior toward callers, poor working knowledge of basic grammar, and scant analysis of the actual play on the field or court. At times it is as if they care more about the feelings of the players and the clothes their coaches wear than what transpires in the game.

Suffer no more! With the growing popularity of podcasts, a few minutes of setup can free you from the shackles of local sports talk. iPhone users can use the great Overcast app (with its sound leveling and gap removing features) or just stick with the stock Apple Podcast app. Android users should download the BeyondPod app; all free of charge.

Simply add the feeds for the below podcasts and you are finally off to an informative, entertaining, and efficient sports talk experience!


  • Inside Carolina Radio Show
  • UNC Huddlecast

N.C. State

  • NC State Huddlecast
  • Riddick and Reynolds
  • The Wolfpacker Podcast
  • Pack Pride Podcast


  • Duke Huddlecast
  • Duke Basketball Report


  • The ACC Weekly Podcast
  • Talkshoe’s ACC Weekly Podcast
  • Blake and Greg’s ACC and SEC Football Podcast


  • Athlon Sports’ Cover 2 Podcast
  • The College Football Podcast

Carolina Hurricanes

  • Carolina Hurricanes Official Podcast
  • The Hurricanes Report
  • Cheaters Never Win (Section 328)


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  • Andy Said:

    The Total Soccer Show podcast is a great podcast that is commercial free and done by two guys in Richmond, VA. They’re smart, funny, and insightful with regards to the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams, English Premier League, Major League Soccer, tournaments such as the World Cup and Gold Cup, and soccer in general: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/total-soccer-show-usmnt-epl/id327466681?mt=2

    I like their style as it does not make me feel added stress on my drive to and from work. They put out 1-3 podcasts a week, depending on soccer activity at the time.

  • Dana Said:

    Thanks so much for the heads up on this link! Will have to try it sometime.

  • Evan Said:

    Very good list. I know we are new-ish but we’d love to be considered for the next list. Here’s our itunes link.


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