Daniels Middle School to Build Skyboxes

Today the Wake County School System announced that Daniels Middle School will undergo a renovation project that will make it the first school in North Carolina to feature skyboxes in its football and basketball facilities. The project not only offers a luxury suite for fans, but also replaces the outdated, original dressing rooms on the ground floor.

The skybox will feature an innovative design, offering prime views of the football field on the east side of the box, as well as a prime view of the basketball gym on the west side, a flexible design to suit all seasons. Food services will be offered on gamedays and for select Blue Jacket events throughout the year by the Angus Barn.

“We are excited for this opportunity to modernize our facilities,” school principal Elizabeth Battle said. “The students and coaches will get long-awaited locker room upgrades, while the suites will give parents a chance to bond during events.

The project will be financed in a joint partnership of the WCPSS as well as the Blue Jacket Club. Construction is scheduled to begin in June of this year.


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