Late Night Eats

If you have been to a “Starve Dana” party or the equivalent, no doubt you know what it is like to seek food toward the end of the night in Raleigh. Here are some of the best options for late night eating on a Friday or Saturday night. They fall into two main districts:

Downtown Raleigh

  • Buku – (11pm full, Late Night 2am kitchen)
  • Sitti – (Midnight kitchen)
  • Humble Pie – (Midnight kitchen)
  • Raleigh Times – (2am kitchen)
  • Market – 11pm
  • Busy Bee – (2am kitchen)
  • Jibarra – (11pm kitchen)
  • The Pit – 11pm
  • Sauced Pizza – 3am
  • The Diner – 24h

North Hills

  • Coquette – 11pm – (919) 789-0606
  • Vivace – ~10:30p – (919) 787-7747
  • Mura – 11pm
  • Ruth’s Chris – 11pm
  • Sparians – 2am (bar menu)
  • Midtown ~11p

Also of note: bars will close at 2am as per N.C. State Law.


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  • CX Said:

    What about The Diner on Glenwood?

  • Sherrie Said:

    This is such a great list to keep handy. Thank you for putting it together!

  • Man, I'm hungry Said:

    Sauced Pizza? I thought that place closed months ago and was now called Artisan. What about Mecca? They are serving later into the night now. Jimmy John’s delivers to bars up until midnight, I think.

    While the idea of this list is a good one, it was not executed very well.

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