Wake Delays Courthouse Construction

The News & Observer is reporting that the Wake County Commissioners has delayed construction of the county’s new courthouse (planned for Martin and Salisbury Streets) for one year. Demolition of the Garland Jones building and its adjacent parking garage (which recently closed) will continue.



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  • a gravatar hackles10 Said:

    Interesting news…wasn’t this supposed to take 3 years anyways?

  • a gravatar Nick Said:

    This is a bad idea. No matter what the economic conditions, these downtown projects will be creating jobs. Let me guess, Paul Coble (Mr. Cluless) was a leader of this charge. Our commissioners and a few council members (ie Isley) have no vision what-so-ever. Even during good times, this city takes forever to move forward with projects. CONTINUED PROJECT DELAY’S ARE GETTING VERY OLDIN THIS CITY (as a taxpayer).

    HEY: A whole in the wall like Concord, NC got a Water Park, Raleigh has NOTHING! Same Old Thing, no entertainment for adults or kids.

  • a gravatar CarnifeX Said:

    There must be something else behind this. Why are they stalling this project? Didn’t we just pass a stimulus package to spur development and job creation that was full of projects like this? This doesn’t make sense.

  • a gravatar mess'o'collards Said:

    My guess is that the bond market is extremely unfavorable. Municipal bonds, even those with AAA rating, have been a very tough sell. Even government is having a hard time financing projects in this economy.

  • a gravatar Subway Scoundrel Said:

    Nofinancing and no money and lower revenue for the county. YOu had to know this is coming. A year is not that bad.

  • a gravatar Ernest Said:

    Unless tax dollars are found on the street, this should be the expected outcome. There is pressure from all directions - school boards, in particular - and county leaders, as much as some people love to hate, have tough decisions to make with our tax dollars. This is a very costly project, more expensive than both RBC Plaza and Soleil Center, therefore we cannot offer blank checks to local leaders, city or county ones.

    What I hate to see is any kind of demolition, particularly of the Lawyers Bldg, a fine example of urban midrise from the past. I don’t know whether it could have been easily salvaged, or not, but I surely hate to see it go. I am hopeful that the delay may also help the county leaders think things over and possibly make better use of the land. They could easily save half the block for future development, or even sell it to a private developer.

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