UNC Football Parking Guide Now Online

unchelmetGoing to a UNC football game this year? You may want to peruse UNC’s new Football Game Parking Guide (pdf). As the Ram’s Club reseated all donors and expanded the stadium, they also reassigned many of the parking passes this year. That coupled with the brand new Cameron-Graham and South Chiller parking lots, there will be much more mayhem than usual getting to Kenan Stadium this season. Be sure to leave home 30 minute before you think need to leave until people settle into their routines.

Parking is so bad in Chapel Hill that they created a 28-page manual to guide people in to games. I strongly advise reading the manual before leaving, although you will have plenty of time to sit and read if you choose I-40 and Hwy 54 for your route. Instead, it is likely a better option to take highway 64 West from Cary, then turn on Farrington Road, which leads to the 15-501/54 intersection on the south edge of campus. Other good back roads are Old Durham Road (from the 15-501/40 area) and Stagecoach Road.

Or, you could just be like Greg Little and park wherever the #$%^ you want. Good luck!


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  • DougInNC Said:

    Thanks for the link to a pitiful guide. E.g. (1) doesn’t have any maps! (2) takes Raleigh traffic on Hwy-64 past Pittsboro to 15-501, ignoring your smarter track on Farrington Road – – please don’t tell everyone! (3) Uses names (“Cardinal Deck”) not on the UNC campus map: Recommend Mapquest for updated names of the former “Hospital” or “Health Affairs” parking decks, now named “Cardinal” and “Dogwood.”

  • Timswar Said:

    Just please don’t be a jerk and set up tailgating tents in the hospital parking deck. There are people visiting on Saturday’s even during football games.

  • Timswar Said:

    I should add that that was a general disgruntled statement, and not directed at any individual UNC fan.

  • Anonymous Said:

    You are right, Doug. That IS a bad guide. I can’t believe the back of the parking pass doesn’t have a map into the lot with arrows.

    I figured that the Farrington tip is a little bonus for my readers. If I had a whole bunch, I’d probably just not mention it.

  • Another Doug Said:

    It would be nice if they suggested how to get to Kenan from the Dogwood Deck. Just walking from the Dogwood Deck to the hospital is too much for some people. Maybe you can walk down Manning a bit then head through the woods. Or cut through the hospital with your foam fingers and beer coozies.

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