Sheri Leaving WRAL Morning Show

SheriL For the past 12 years at WRAL-FM, Sheri Logan and Bill Jordan have maintained the classiest, wittiest, and top-ranked morning show in the Raleigh market. On December 19, however, Sheri will step away to spend more time with her family. All the best, Sheri, and thanks for 12 great years.

Any thoughts (beyond Madison) who might fill the spot? My bet is on WRAL finding talent outside the market.


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  • lee Said:

    Bob is the man! Woooo!!

  • Seann Said:

    Just like school on a Saturday. No class

  • Bill Said:

    That is actually good news for my wife and me. My name is Bill and her name is Cherie (pronounced the same as Sheri)… so maybe we won’t get as many comments about that!!

  • Steelcity36 Said:

    I heard Chopper Harrison is looking for some work! He could introduce WRAL-FM to his hard-partying, getting thrown out of the RBC Center ways.

  • SoundOfSilence Said:

    Wow… that… ummm… such a shame? Good for her and all that, but really, their show is one of the most boring things I’ve heard in the mornings. I mean, if they wanted to keep the same style and energy level, they could try to hire Delilah.

    I’m sorry, but the show is a snoozefest, which is NOT what I want to hear in the morning while I’m still trying to wake up and make my way into work. Give me some good laughs, surprise me and give me a good time.

    Sadly, anymore, there are not really good shows in the triangle, and the closest thing I can find to listen to in the morning is Brad and Britt on 101.1 out of the Triad, and that’s morning news talk… sigh…

  • jadasdad Said:

    bob and the showgram is the top morning show,and has been for several years

  • Matt K. Said:

    Mix 101.5’s morning slot will be fine. Bill Jordan is the one who’s carried that show all along. I agree that their show has a tendency to sound sleepy at times, but it does have some good moments, and the morning news/traffic coverage is unbeatable. Madison would be an intriguing replacement, but who’s to say if she has any interest in returning to radio at all.

    Bob & The Showgram… blech. They’re number one, whoopie. Collectively, that show’s cast has about a 75 IQ but I guess that’s what brings the big numbers. And someone please tell their traffic guy to quit talking in a monotone voice at 800 words per minute. I wish Raleigh had a show more along the lines of Star 94 in Atlanta. Moreso, I’d like to see Bob & Tom back in the market but that’s not going to happen anytime soon, either.

  • Dana Said:

    “…Logan and Bill Jordan make up the top-ranked morning show team.”

    This is from

  • john of sparta Said:

    what is this “radio” you speak of, earthlings?
    well, that’s what my 17-year-old son says.

  • karen Said:

    I ahve been listening to bill and sherry for the past 6 years, and i always looked forward to my am drive with them. they made me laugh and forget about the upcoming day. i will miss that morning combination and sherry’s crazy laugh and comments. i was actually dissapointed to hear that she’s gone. :-(

  • sydney lee Said:

    sheri logan was the best radio co-host in the whole entire state. she was much better than bob and the showgram and she always made me laugh in the mornings about things i could relate to! she was awesome! and pretty too! she needs to come back. she was the center of the show with all her funny jokes! sheri was way better then bill jordan, he is a snob. BRING SHERI BACK!!!!

    everyone hating on sheri logan is wrong.

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