Raleigh Spy Conference Underway

SpyConf The fifth annual Raleigh Spy Conference began tonight with a seminar by Brian Kelley, former counterintelligence officer for the CIA. His topic: some of the U.S.’ most famous traitors.

The three-day event resumes tomorrow with these presentations:

  • The Real James Angleton and the Wilderness of Mirrors – David Robarge
  • Double Agents, Deception Programs and the Nosenko Case – Pete Bagley
  • Cold War Beat: My Life Covering Spies and Double Agents – Jerry Schecter

Friday’s events include:

  • Panel Discussion with speakers
  • Keynote Address – David Ignatius

The event is taking place at the North Carolina Museum of History. Admission for the conference is $250 per person. For more information, visit the conference’s website.

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