Waraji Downtown Stalling?

I’ve been out of town a lot recently so I haven’t been able to find out for myself, but reports are that work on the new downtown location of Waraji have stalled. Even worse, there is now a sign on the door explaining that the doors have been padlocked by the sheriff’s department. Has anyone heard anything further?

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  • lee Said:

    What!?! No..Waraji, you can’t move! I live oh so close to the sushi goodness, I would hate to see it move. Better yet, just open a second location!

  • Ron T Said:

    Lee – I agree and also live near the current location, but think this is (was?) to be a second location.

    Dana, I wondered what was going on there, it looked dead the last few times I walked by, no progress. If the sheriff’s office locked it, that could mean they defaulted their lease and the landlord is evicting (odd during construction), or I wonder if they did not have all the permits/approvals they needed?

    Regardless, I think Sono is excellent.

  • Nick Said:

    This is a second location. It would be a shame if they don’t open downtown. Sono is overpriced and their sushi isn’t nearly as good as Waraji’s.

  • Ele Said:

    Sono has a cool vibe, but they can’t touch Waraji foodwise.

  • Ron T Said:

    Hmmm, while I do like Waraji, personally I think Sono is on a level above them sushi-wise. Now tastes vary, but I thought with others noting their preference, I should do so.

  • Kevin Said:

    I too live across from Waraji, phenomenal. I have been on off nights. I think Akai Hana in Carrboro is a bit better.

    Anywho, I asked some employees at Waraji, and they confirmed the 2nd location opening. Definitely no need to worry about the Duraleigh location closing.

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