Canes Unveil Third Uniforms

The Carolina Hurricanes today unveiled their long-awaited third jersey. Featuring black as the dominant color, the unis with highly legible lettering will be worn at fifteen home games.

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  • William Said:

    I was not sure how they would turn out or look, but the new sweater looks Excellent!!!

    The color scheme on the back of the sweater looks great!

    Go Canes!

  • Deb Said:

    Does anyone know why they chose the Tropical Storm/whole gale Warning flag instead of the Hurricane Warning flag?

  • lee Said:


  • CarnifeX Said:

    its probably proportions. It stands out more/can be bigger with one flag than two. aka marketing.

  • Dana Said:

    I think these are going to look great on HD broadcasts. The text and numbers on the back are SO much clearer then, say, the white jerseys. I generally hate black jerseys, especially in basketball. However since hockey is on white ice, it might look pretty good, especially on our ice which has red lines, red board rails, and red glass couplers.

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