Congrats, Mrs. America!

mrsnc Congratulations to Maureen MacDonald. The reigning Mrs. North Carolina and Raleigh resident took home the big prize in last week’s Mrs. America Pageant. A former Rockette, MacDonald is focusing her efforts on promoting child abuse prevention.


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  • Dana Said:

    My family went up to North Hills for the Fourth of July celebration. Early on our young daughter said,”Mommy, there’s a princess here.” We looked around for a little girl in a Disney princess getup. Alas she was referring to Mrs. NC., tiara and all.

    When my daughter won the bike decorating contest she got to meet Maureen, who was very sweet. (I have to admit that I had noticed the princess, too)

  • David Said:

    Is that the best pic you got?

  • Dana Said:

    What? Your not happy with that? She’s gorgeous! Actually this photo is cropped so as not to show my daughter’s face to all the internet creepos.

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