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Waste Collection Calendar and Recycling News

During these crazy mid-week holidays, it is easy to miss your garbage and recycling collection day. Here is the calendar for this week. Next week the city will resume its normal schedule.

Monday No scheduled collection.
Tuesday Tuesday’s curbside cart routes
Wednesday Wednesday’s curbside cart routes
Thursday Holiday. No scheduled collection.
Friday Friday’s curbside cart routes
Saturday Thursday’s curbside cart routes

In additional waste news, the City of Raleigh on January 1 will go to “single-stream” recycling. Recycling will no longer by sorted at the truck level. This means that collection trucks will move more quickly through their routes, and that resident no longer need to worry about placing like things together in their bins. The city will get paid 38% less for their collected materials, but plans of saving money by using fewer and less expensive trucks to handle the routes in less time.

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