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Chubby’s Tacos Now Open

Durham’s popular taqueria, Chubby’s Tacos, has officially opened their Raleigh location in the Lake Boone Shopping Center. With 15 different fillers, 8 or more salsas, and more standbys, Chubby’s offers a huge selection that promises a new experience each visit.

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  • Albert

    YUM. I needed to pick something up from that part of town anyway.

    Thanks for cementing my lunch plans for tomorrow :)

  • Kevin

    The Duraleigh area has become a Mecca for burrito fans.

    Salsa Fresh
    El Rodeo
    Chubby’s Tacos
    Taco Bell (Hey, it’s named Taco Bell).

    I haven’t tried Chubby’s yet, I’m really looking forward to this. So far Salsa Fresh is my favorite for a fast Burrito.

  • VaNC

    I would say it is pretty good, but not great. I have been twice now (I live nearby) Good fish tacos, but the tacos al pastor are too sweet and kinda dry (not as good as at Fonda Jellisco) The burritos seem to be just too full of rice and lettuce and not much else. The rice is pretty dry and tasteless and the beans aren’t much either. The cheese quesadillas are huge and good…the best price deal on the menu. They were out of tamales, so i didn’t get to try them. The salsas all were very fresj and good and I liked the variety. I grabbed the fish tacos for lunch yesterday and took the kids in tonight for dinner. I must say the tortillas were much fresher at the lunch visit. They were kinda stiff and rubbery tonight. I wonder if they make them once and then use them all day. They were really great on my afternoon fish taco…..in fact, it was one of the things I noticed and made me want to go back. But tonight, they were too tough.

    They don’t have a liquor license yet, but say they will have beer and margaritas soon. I wonder though, if you have to wait in line and order everything at the counter individually, whether you would order more than one of anything. That is, once you get your food, if you want another beer or more to eat, you have to go back and stand in line and pay again. When I was in line, there was a little confusion, so I forgot to order something, but was not about to go back and wait in line. Once they bring you your food, no one ever checks back to see if you are okay, or need water or anything.

  • Clay

    I went last night, I had no idea about them and have never tried them before. My experience was ok at best, nothing stood out honestly. I honestly didn’t like the whole stand in line to order then sit down and they bring your food out. I would have liked it better if they had just done a full sit down. It was that awkward “do you tip when someone brings your food but does nothing else really?”I have to say that I did get someone that checked on us unlike VaNC. Just a drink refill, but it beats nothing.

    I had the burrito with steak, while a decent size it was hard to get down because the steak was dry. It just took a lot of tea to make it go down! We also got the guacamole and chips. While the guacamole might be fresh made daily (not super fresh for guacamole either), it doesn’t have enough flavor. Just because you mash up some avocados doesn’t mean you get to call that guacamole. I wasn’t looking for spicy, just some flavor please. So that was not worth the four dollars, plus another buck for chips.

    I will go back and try it again though. Hopefully the liquor license will be in order by then! We’ll see if a margarita makes the food go down better!

  • db

    Just went , damn good
    Got a Carne Asada Burito and ground beef taco.
    I will be returning for certain.
    Thanks for telling me about it.

  • arturo

    cheap mexican food, standing in line, placing an order, getting your food, no waitress…it sounds like armadillo grill only with more people complaining?

  • Bill

    My experience last night was great. I don’t mind the standing in line, it’s cheap eats without being fast food chain. If you want a full service experience this is not your place.

    I had three tacos, Carnitas, Tinga, and Pastor. I would agree with VaNC on the Pastor comment, but the other two tacos were perfect. I suggest you get the plantains, crisp outside with soft flesh, slightly sweet, good stuff.

    I will certainly go back.

  • Subway Scoundrel

    Went this weekend. FOt a fish taco plus platter with chips and a drink. $8.01

    I would rather it was 2 fish tacos for this amount but the one was pretty good. I thought the black beans was great. I like the atmosphere and I have no issue with ordering and sitting down. Mean they are not pulling it out from a heatlamp.

    The fish was good. Chips were a little greasy but thatjust means they were fresh. Great salsss. I like the orange one. Rice was good.

    Very simple and planned to be that way

  • MikeB

    Went today for lunch and thought it was outstanding. Had a carnitas taco, chili colorado taco, refried beans, rice, and chips & salsa. I tried 4 of the salsas and thought they were all great with each bringing a different flavor (instead of just scaling heat or smokiness like most places). There were constantly 8-10 people in line and seating was scarce. I will definitely make it a regular spot even though I work at the Capital Blvd split… better than Los Cuates, El Rodeo Grill, and the numerous Mexican clones in my neck of the woods.

  • GD

    Went last night and everything was great!

  • Subway Scoundrel


    I don’t think Los Cuates is a “Mexican Clone” Anything but !!

  • MikeB

    Sub, that was just poor choice of wording on my part. Los Cuates is, without a doubt, an absolute gem. I was trying to say that the tacos I had at Chubby’s were better than what I get at my two current favorites in addition to the “numerous Mexican clones.”

  • Kim

    Yum…very authentic mexican food…not american mexican that so many only know and judge by. Very good carnitas and shredded beef tacos. Rice and beans are good and salsas are great. Chips can be a little on the greasy side, but I’ve only been at off times. Similar to Los Cuates, but more convenient for the ITBers. Can be a long wait at busy times, but call in order on the way there!

  • GD

    I went again this week and once again, it was great.
    HIGHLY recommend this place

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