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Flyer Reports Glenwood Dunkin’ Donuts’ Closure

You may want to go enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts in Glenwood South before Sunday night. A real estate flyer being circulated today reports the 1,740 square foot “former Dunkin’ Donuts” space is currently available at $25/sqft.

The flyer also reveals that this space is “adjacent to Tobacco Road Sports Bar, Brueggers Bagels, and an Asian restaurant (coming soon)”.

  • VaNC

    Maybe it is because the donuts were really bad. We tried it twice and they were pretty dry and tasteless. Even the kids didn’t like them. And the coffee….I just don’t get why people think it is so great…barely a step above bad convenience store coffee.

  • Mark

    That’s unfortunate, but in other Dunkin’ Donuts news, the sign has just gone up for a new store opening next to the Eagles gas station on Glenwood Ave. & Ebenezer Church Rd. in NW Raleigh. Hopefully this one will fare better…

  • Doug

    Glenwood South location is too close to the Krispy Kreme Kathedral.

  • hackles10

    Damn!! I will miss grabbing a coffee on my way downtown. Coffee is solid at DD, but never ate any food, and it was always empty.

    Isn’t this a quick closure for a company with such deep pockets? Glenwood south needs more residential space to fill up quick!

  • jenn

    we’ve been there fairly regularly – one thing we always found frustrating was the lack of selection. the DD/baskin-robbins on hills. st. always has easily twice the selection of donuts/munchkins/muffins.

    and yeah, I’ve never understood the appeal of DD coffee.

  • RaleighRob

    Not a surprise to me. One, there’s several other DD somewhat nearby (Hillsborough, Capital, South Wilmington, etc) plus the big popular Krispy Kreme very close. Also, bagel shop literally next door, which is a much heartier breakfast option. And finally ITB is home to several great independent coffee shops (Helios, Morning Times, Global Village, Crema, Port City, Third Place, etc) that the locals are pretty good at supporting. I just don’t think this was meant to be.

  • Greg

    I prefer DD over KKD. Too bad.

  • Rex

    “an Asian restuarant”, eh? Descriptions abound.

  • hackles10

    Anybody considered this might be a mistake, and they might be trying to lease the defunct Espresso/Wine Bar space?

  • https://www.danamccall.com Dana

    No, the flyer clearly demarcates the Dunkin spot, and reads “former Dunkin’ Donuts” in the copy.

  • https://www.danamccall.com Dana

    No, the flyer clearly demarcates the Dunkin spot, and reads “former Dunkin’ Donuts” in the copy.

    (You people just don’t LEARN! :) )

  • Subway Scoundrel

    Shame. I really tried to support it but I could tell, a DD in that location is not good. I would go every Saturday. I would buy bagels there and eat them that week. I saw no issues with the food but you can understand the selection if they are serving 2 people an hour. No need to throw a away a bunch of food.

    I think the locatiuon without an office building nearby was the problem. That and Raleigh is not as urban as some want it to be. I figured out the parking and how to go into deck for free, but I know others would not spend the time or hit a coffee drivethru on way into town.

    I really like DD coffee. If it is true, will be missed.

  • hackles10

    not questioning your wisdom, just thought it might have been an error considering the other coffee/wine bar closed a month ago. + Im not happy to see this DD go.

  • David

    Not like DD coffee? I didn’t know those people existed…

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