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Gravy Opening June 8

gravy Gravy , the new downtown Italian-American eatery, will have its official opening on Monday, June 8. The restaurant, located at 135 Wilmington Street (next to Sitti ), is a partnership between the Bella Monica owners and Greg Hatemís Empire Eats .

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  • abc

    The place looks good inside as well!

  • Bob

    �Gravy� is what my Italian friends call marinara sauce.

  • Ron T

    Hopefully they will raise the bar on the food from their other location. Fine but not great. As a rule of thumb I used to not order at an Italian restaurant until I saw what they brought out as bread. If I kept that rule, I would have never eaten at Bella Monica � the foccaia bread they serve seems like it was made by the same people who do �Wonder� bread.

    Aside from that the food is decent, if not great, but the service is usually pretty good.

    Dana � still waiting for something on Busy Bee from you??? I would like to see what you think. I am mixed. The servers are bumbling and generally not too bright, the food is good (except for the horrible fried green tomatoes).

  • RaleighRob

    I miss Riviera but will give this place a try. The thing is, Raleigh�s got so many Italian places now, I have a hard time getting excited over adding even more.

    Now if downtown could get an Indian place�that�d be news!

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