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Cameron Village and Wake Forest Road Blockbusters Closing

The Raleigh Downtowner posted today that both the Cameron Village and (beyond horrible) Wake Forest Road Blockbuster locations will be closing on July 12. Somewhere that North American Video guy (who incidentally was charging over $100 for video rental memberships at one point) is laughing uncontrollably.

In other news I just cancelled HBO, TWC’s HDSuite, and got a Netflix subscription yesterday.

  • MikeB

    Netflix + MCE = HEAVEN!

    Word of advice: take the time to rate your rentals and your old favorites. The profile recommendations and similar-user ratings have saved me from renting a lot of deceiving crap (like �Romance & Cigarettes�) and helped me discover movies I loved that I never even knew existed (�Be Kind Rewind� comes to mind).

    Between RedBox and Netflix, I just don�t see how a physical store is remotely good business sense.

  • Kathleen McClure

    Ditto, MikeB. Also, update your que of wanted movies often, and have a nice long list. It is surprising how quickly you will go through the list. NetFlix doesn�t remind you when you are out.

  • David

    Next to go are probably MoviePlexes and their $8 candy.

  • https://www.raleighmsa.com Ernest

    Is Blockbuster trying to commit suicide? What kind of stupid decisions are these? Don�t they know they will not qualify for bail out? :LOL:

  • neal2zod

    just wondering � whas was wrong w/ the Wake Forest Road location? I went there a few times and have never had a bad experience. And I guess this means Blockbuster�s new businesss model of $1/$2 redbox-style rentals isn�t working out too well for them.

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