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Top Three Things Raleigh Cannot Recycle

The City of Raleigh has released an informative 3-minute video explaining a few recycling myths. The city begs that we recycle, but donít include non-food glass containers, pizza boxes, and non-bottle plastic items. See the video for a full explanation and some other good info.

  • John

    What a bummer! I have been dutifully cleaning all my recyclable plastic trays from microwave dinners for a long, long time. I guess it�s time to re-think what I eat so that I don�t create more plastic waste than necessary.

  • Kathleen

    If Raleigh is going to recycle, let�s get serious and recycle. I recently saw a 40 item list of recyclables that included pizza boxes,laundry jugs,plastic trays & containers,telephone books,magazines,packing materials,cardboard,anything glass, etc.& it all went in the green recycle box.

  • Subway Scoundrel

    dana, that was the most infomrative post on this site in a while. (OK maybe for me). I check the site to see but I tnhought plastic food containers (clam shells and butter dishes) were recyclable, but I can see why. I also thought pizza boxes were recycling.

    Need to get this on the evening news.

    One thing that we create a lot of that is recyclable is junk mail as long as it it is white paper and chipboard (cereral boxes and food boxes).

    Need to go home and clean out some of these items out of bin.

  • Ashley

    This was a GREAT post! I�ve forwarded on to my friends and coworkers so we don�t cause any real recyclables to head to the landfill. Thanks for posting here!!! Ditto to the comment about this needing coverage on the evening news � maybe even a recyclable flyer to let all residents know what not to put in the bin. Thanks!!!

  • North_Raleigh_Guy

    Has anybody ever lived somewhere that does recycle pizza boxes? I don�t think it is possible (due to the grease issue pointed out in the video). I don�t think it�s the city�s choice. Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken. :)

  • https://www.danamccall.com Dana

    It looks like the N&O is reading this. 3 days later, this is posted:

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