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HHGregg Opens Cary Store Sunday

hhgregg The former Circuit City location at Crossroads is about to awaken with more electronics! The 115-store HHGregg will be opening to the public on Sunday. There is a private sale on Friday and Saturday, so hopefully some of those store-opening deals will be around on Sunday (like the 50� Samsung plasma for $700!).

  • Lee L

    When you go to HH Gregg, be prepared and bring some type of shield and sword to beat back all the salespeople there who will not leave you alone. They will follow you like a shark follows a blood trail and ask you over and over and over and over if you need any help.

  • David

    Not if you actually need help; then they are diving behind displays to avoid being available.

  • Lew

    They are like VULTURES in there. I think it�s due to the 400,000 watts of lighting that they have beaming on you as you walk thru the front door. There really is no place to hide.

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